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Jacques Van den Abeele




1960    born in Eike, Belgium

Graduated from Audenaerde Art School with honors in sculpture and art deco

Graduated from the Gent Sint Lucas Institute


Jacques Van den Abeele exhibits in galleries in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

He realizes monumental sculptures for government contracts.


For Jacques Van den Abeele, art is above all the search for the essential foundations of existence. A path to what lies behind the appearance: feelings, emotions, fears. His sculptures allow us to see the fragility and transience of life, like the ephemeral sound of a note in music that, barely perceived, is already fading and disappearing. The artist works directly in wax and from this he creates the sculpture according to the "lost" principle (lost wax process), which makes every casting a completely unique piece. He himself does the surface processing and creates the patina of his works, which ultimately makes each sculpture unique.


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